St Anne's Convent School Principal


Another year flies by and it is time for us to connect. Connection and networking is the key to success in this age of cyberspace. Therefore in school also we endeavour to try and make children capable in learning to connect not only in cyberspace but one to one by this we mean the HUMAN CONNECTION, which should never be lost. Increasingly it has been seen all over the world especially in the developed nation that people are losing touch with each other which in turn leads to a great degree of loneliness. This loneliness, in turn, leads to mental distress and the person is not able to function in a normal way because a human is basically a social animal and needs the fellow human touch to feel connected, wanted, needed, and loved.
The children are encouraged to share and care within the classroom with their classmates, their ideas, handwork, play, and interaction. They are sent out to contribute their time with the isolated, reaching the outreached, empathize with the marginalized and embrace the one who lost their identity. These activities are inculcated in school life as it is important to understand, besides the syllabus of the various subjects, it is necessary to nurture the values of humanity in the hearts and minds of children which is the HUMAN CONNECTION. When they will look around and see for human life, then only will they want to share what they have and become active contributors to society. Young Indians should be caring for human beings, filled with a love for their own beloved India, the environment, and the world, and that is what we aim for in our School. The parents of our school are the main supporters and indeed it is their contribution which makes it possible for us to achieve the set goals.