Admission Process

  • Admission is open to all in the Pre-primary section. It is entirely up to the decision of the management.
  • An original document of the date of the birth from the records of the Municipality/ Panchayat and Aadhar must be submitted at the time of admission.
  • Admission to other classes is subject to availability of seats.
  • An entrance exam will be conducted, and admission will be granted on merit basis.
  • In case of transfer, an original copy of the marksheet, transfer certificate (duly counter-
    signed) along with two passport size photographs should be submitted.
  • No provisional admission will be given.
  • The original birth certificate and transfer certificate of students from class I onwards will be
    retained along with the admission form. It will not be returned.


  • School fee must be paid quarterly and in advance before the 10 th of each quarter.
    The quarters are demarcated as:
    Quarter I – June to August
    Quarter II – September to November
    Quarter III- December to February
    Quarter IV- March to May
  • Term fee must be paid along with the first and the third quarter fee.
  • The fourth quarter fee will have to be paid before 10 th of March.
  • For students of Grade X, the fourth quarter fee must be paid before 10th January.
  • Any kind of failure to pay fees before the close of the academic year gives the school the right
    to withhold the result.
  • When payments cannot be made on the scheduled date, the student is expected to produce a
    written note of explanation from his/her parents.